Fair Housing vs. Unfair Housing

Do you know the difference?

Knowing the difference between fair housing and unfair housing isn't as obvious as you might think. This blog aims to present a variety of important and interesting fair housing issues.

If you're an apartment professional, avoid costly mistakes by reading the stories of others who — even with good intentions — learned compliance lessons the hard way. (For the easy way, click here.)

If you live in an apartment, get familiar with your rights when it comes to housing discrimination, as well as your options for seeking justice.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fair Housing Help: Who Qualifies for Senior Housing?

Many seniors prefer to rent an apartment in a community with other seniors. If you're one of them, you might wonder exactly what "senior housing" means and what age you must be to qualify for such a community.

To help you, I put together a summary of the Fair Housing Act's (FHA) senior housing's requirements so you can know what to expect before you begin an apartment search. Landlords who wish to limit occupancy of certain apartments to seniors should also be familiar with these requirements to avoid fair housing violations. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fair Housing Help: Single People and Housing Discrimination

If you're unmarried and looking for an apartment, you might wonder if there are apartment communities out there that limit residency to single folks. You might also be curious as to whether the fact that you're single gives you protection against housing discrimination.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fair Housing Help: Whom Does Familial Status Aim to Protect?

Many landlords refuse to rent to families with children, not knowing that the Fair Housing Act (FHA) bans discrimination based on "familial status." Also, many prospects who get turned away because they have children don't realize this is a violation of federal law.

But landlords, leasing agents, and other housing professionals who attempt to limit housing choices because prospects or tenants have children risk a discrimination claim against them.

If you have children or you plan to have children living with you in your apartment some day, you should be aware of how the law protects families with children against illegal discrimination. To avoid liability risks, landlords should also take a moment to read my article to learn who, exactly, qualifies for familial status protection.