Fair Housing vs. Unfair Housing

Do you know the difference?

Knowing the difference between fair housing and unfair housing isn't as obvious as you might think. This blog aims to present a variety of important and interesting fair housing issues.

If you're an apartment professional, avoid costly mistakes by reading the stories of others who — even with good intentions — learned compliance lessons the hard way. (For the easy way, click here.)

If you live in an apartment, get familiar with your rights when it comes to housing discrimination, as well as your options for seeking justice.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Fair Housing Helper Sites Featured in New Collection of 'Indispensable' Resources on Fair Housing

SocialWorkDegree.net has published "Fair Housing & Social Work: Indispensable Online Resources," a useful collection of sites that features this blog (Fair Housing Blog by Fair Housing Helper, FairHousingBlog.com) and the newly redesigned Fair Housing Resources by Fair Housing Helper, FairHousingResources.com).

The sites, which are categorized and unranked, offer different perspectives on fair housing aimed at varying audiences. Check out the full listing and description of sites to see which ones interest you by visitinghttp://www.socialworkdegree.net/fair-housing-resources/

(For more information about the new FairHousingResources.com redesign, see "Apartment Professionals and Renters Can Learn About Fair Housing Law With Newly Redesigned FairHousingResources.com".)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New for Fair Housing Month 2014

April is Fair Housing Month, and Fair Housing Helper is striving to make learning about rights and responsibilities under housing discrimination laws easier and more accessible:

An enhanced experience with the redesigned FairHousingResources.com.

Fair Housing Helper yesterday unveiled the newly redesigned FairHousingResources.com, to coincide with the start of Fair Housing Month. The redesigned site offers users an enhanced experience while presenting an even greater range of topical resources, including its popular "Protected Classes Tool," which offers a handy pull-down menu of additional protected classes by state.

Landlords, property managers, leasing agents, and staff who need to comply with fair housing laws can use FairHousingResources.com to access primary sources and other key information, such as the full text of the Fair Housing Act and its regulations, government guidance, related laws, and more.

Apartment hunters and renters also can visit the site to get familiar with how the law protects them against housing discrimination, including topics such as identifying illegal steering, apartment hunting with a disability, displaying religious decor in an apartment, and what to do if you think you've been discriminated against.

Read the press release, "Apartment Professionals and Renters Can Learn About Fair Housing Law With Newly Redesigned FairHousingResources.com," for more information and check out the new design at FairHousingResources.com.

Fair housing compliance training in a convenient and affordable eBook.

In anticipation of Fair Housing Month, Fair Housing Helper recently launched the eBook version of Fair Housing Helper for Apartment Professionals, its popular compliance product aimed at helping landlords, property managers, leasing agents, and staff comply with the Fair Housing Act and related housing discrimination laws.

The new Kindle eBook edition retails for $9.99, 50% less than the $19.99 list price for the paperback, which is available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. Apartment professionals can now train using their tablet, smartphone, or even a PC or Mac, as well as on a Kindle device, thanks to free Kindle apps.
Extra savings: Readers who have already purchased the paperback version from Amazon.com can pick up the new Kindle edition for only $2.99 under the new Kindle MatchBook program. New readers who purchase both the print and Kindle versions from Amazon.com also get the Kindle edition for $2.99.
Read the press release, "Fair Housing Training on an iPad? New eBook Makes Discrimination Training Even More Convenient and Affordable," for more information and visit FairHousingHelper.com.