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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update: Sexual Orientation Still Not Protected in North Dakota

In an earlier January post, I wrote that two states were considering amendments to their anti-discrimination laws to protect people based on sexual orientation.

One of those states, North Dakota, just defeated the bill in its House of Representatives by a vote of 54-34. A representative who voted against the bill defended his actions by stating that being gay or lesbian is a "lifestyle choice," and not something you are born with, the Associated Press reported. By contrast, proponents of the bill point to the defeat as being in stark contrast with the recent display of teamwork that fought the rising river level in Fargo.

Should people be protected against housing discrimination based on their sexual orientation? Is sexual orientation something you are born with or is it a lifestyle choice? Should it matter?

What do you think?

1 comment:

Yelena said...

Being gay is a sexual disposition you are born with but it's the American environment that turns being gay into a lifestyle. Here gay men are generally easily distinguishable from heterosexual ones. But if you travel to a country where being gay is less socially acceptable, you'll see fewer differences in behavior between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

I don't think sexual preference warrants discrimination.