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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fair Housing Month: A Poster's Worth a Thousand Words

Visually capturing the concepts behind equal housing opportunity in a poster has become a popular Fair Housing Month tradition. Many counties, cities, government agencies, schools, and advocacy groups have sponsored Fair Housing Month poster contests or have designed their own to mark the occasion.

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) has created a Fair Housing Month poster for 2010 that reads, "Your Community Is a Reflection of You: Reflect on the Value of Fair Housing." The imagery is of a diverse neighborhood, creatively revealed from the perspective of a reflection off mirrored sunglasses on a close-up face.

Check out the poster and see how many protected classes you can identify.

To view past years' Fair Housing Month posters from NAR, visit NAR's Fair Housing Resources page.

Return tomorrow for the fourteenth part of this special "Fair Housing Month" feature at Fairhousingblog.com.

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matlyn said...

I am a low income tenant in the seola crossing housing in white center, I am in subsidized housing and only recieve GAU monthly.

Irecieved a bill for $1200.00 for carpet damage, I have only 3 stains on this carpet and am being threated that it is go on my credit in 30 days if not paid in full!