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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fair Housing Month: Take Our Fair Housing Month Poll

Since the Fair Housing Act (FHA) was signed into law 42 years ago, it has gotten stronger, thanks to amendments and other government actions. Most notably, the number of protected classes has nearly doubled (from four to seven), people who believe they're the victims of violations have greater enforcement options at their disposal, and potential awards are no longer as limited as they once were.

What would you say is the most significant legislative accomplishment to follow the FHA's passage in 1968? Submit your answer by taking our Fair Housing Month poll (see the right-hand side of this page, toward the bottom). Also, feel free to leave any additional comments you may have here.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Return tomorrow for the twenty-seventh part of this special "Fair Housing Month" feature at Fairhousingblog.com.

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