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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fair Housing Compliance Training in a Convenient and Affordable eBook

In connection with Fair Housing Month last year, Fair Housing Helper launched the eBook version of Fair Housing Helper for Apartment Professionals, its popular compliance product aimed at helping landlords, property managers, leasing agents, and staff comply with the Fair Housing Act and related housing discrimination laws.

The Kindle eBook edition still retails for $9.99, 50% less than the $19.99 list price for the paperback, which is available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. Apartment professionals can now train using their tablet, smartphone, or even a PC or Mac, as well as on a Kindle device, thanks to free Kindle apps.
Extra savings: Readers who have already purchased the paperback version from Amazon.com can pick up the new Kindle edition for only $2.99 under the new Kindle MatchBook program. New readers who purchase both the print and Kindle versions from Amazon.com also get the Kindle edition for $2.99.
Read the press release, "Fair Housing Training on an iPad? New eBook Makes Discrimination Training Even More Convenient and Affordable," for more information and visit FairHousingHelper.com.

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