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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Limit Your Liability After Fair Housing Accusations

As a landlord trying to run a successful business while keeping tenants happy, it's not a good feeling to learn one of your tenants is accusing you of discrimination. But whether a tenant's claims are unfounded or you or a staff member slipped up, there are things you should—and shouldn't—do when you find out about a fair housing complaint.

To start with, it's essential not to panic or let strong feelings rule the day. Maintaining a professional, calm demeanor and thinking clearly is the best way to proceed. Rushing to speak your mind and argue with a tenant who is accusing you of violating the law could lead you to say something you'll later regret or just make the situation worse.

Get more tips on minimizing liability following fair housing accusations by checking out my recent article for Nolo.com, entitled "What to Do if a Tenant Accuses You of Housing Discrimination."

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