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Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's Fair Housing Month... Do You Know What 'Steering' Is?

“Steering” is an important fair housing concept that every landlord and tenant should be aware of. It's an industry term that refers to a set of situations in which a landlord tries to guide tenants to certain parts of a building or discourage them from renting there at all, based on a discriminatory reason.

It's a comparatively more subtle form of housing discrimination (as opposed to, say, turning away rental applicants altogether based on a protected class), but it's still illegal and can lead to fair housing violations.

Find out more about steering, including why it's against the law and how landlords can avoid even inadvertently steering their tenants, by checking out my recent article for Nolo.com, entitled "Avoid Practicing Illegal Steering at Your Rental Property."

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